Pros and Cons of Installing Screen Enclosures for Your Pool

Are you familiar with the pool screen enclosure? If not, read this article to know more about this pool feature and its pros and cons.

What’s a Pool Screen Enclosure?

Usually, screen enclosures are entirely made out of aluminum material. If you install durable and lightweight pool screen enclosures, it will serve several benefits that you can enjoy. Most of the time, this depends on the preference of the individual property owner because installing one isn’t necessarily suitable for all pool types.

Pros of installing pool screen enclosure

When a lot of people think about getting a screen-enclosed pool, usually one of the major reasons why they do so is to help them keep the bugs out. Such reason is among the major perks of installing one. Apart from that, a screen enclosure also offers other benefits that help improve your outdoor living space and swimming experience. Here are some of them:

  • Rodents and bugs: Screens do a good job in terms of keeping out pests, such as snakes, mice, bugs, etc.
  • Atmosphere: Screen enclosures provide a send of personal space or privacy.
  • Debris and leaves: One of the best perks of having this feature is that your pool will have no leaves.
  • Child safety: Screen enclosures can help to secure kids better and keep them within view.
  • More shade: the enclosure on the screens allows a lot of sunlight in while avoiding direct sunlight. Compared to being exposed to direct sunlight, not only this light filtering feature isn’t healthier but it is comfortable as well.

Cons of installing pool screen enclosure

  • It’s a cage: Though you get the perks of having a personal space/privacy with screen enclosure, the downside impact it could give is when you’ll feel being caged in.
  • Mildew and mold: This pool feature can cause mildew and algae to develop sooner or later and requires to be pressure washed from time to time, at least 2 times every year.
  • Damaged or torn screens: Eventually, pool screens will end up needing replacement. Most peaks of screen enclosure are directly over the swimming pool. The screen panels located on top of the pool can be challenging to replace and would need scaffolding on top of the pool. If you have any issues with your screen pool, ask for screen repair Melbourne Florida from the pool experts ASAP.

Factors to Consider while you consider screening your swimming pool

Here are the following factors that must be considered if you’re planning to install a screen enclosure:

  • Deck and landscape configuration: It’s important to determine how big is the deck and the pool area would be enclosed.
  • Personal preference: A lot of people love being in the open, tropical paradise, which can be seen in an infinity-edge pool. Some would like denser foliage the surrounds the swimming area and deck.
  • Cost: Cost will differ based on the design, size, and contractor. The cost possibly ranges nearly between 6 to 15 dollars for every square foot of material. So, you need to consider your budget first to determine the best enclosure for you.
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How to Handle Bad Breath for Dogs

It can be extremely satisfying when your excited dog greets you every time you come home after a busy day. However, this will not be the case if your dog has bad breath.

Bad breath is not always a red flag. However, it can be a sign that there are underlying issues you need to address. If your dog has constant bad breath that does not go away, it might be a wise move to examine the cause before you choose how to treat it.

A regular mobile pet grooming Melbourne FL service can help prevent bad breath for dogs. However, if it does not help, here are some things to consider:

Issues with Internal Organs

Oftentimes, bad breath is caused by a medical issue that has nothing to do with oral health. Diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease can cause bad breath in dogs.

There’s a huge possibility that your dog’s kidneys have problems if you notice a bit of ammonia or urine odor in their breath. On the other hand, your dog might have yellow gums or eyes if they’ve got liver problems.

When it comes to diabetes, things are a bit different. The breath of a diabetic dog has a fruity and sweet odor.

If you notice any of these issues, do not hesitate to visit a professional veterinarian for help. You should not neglect these signs.

Poor Diet

Keep in mind that a couple of brands of dog food can contain artificial flavorings and coloring, animal by-products, soy, wheat, and corn. These ingredients can cause issues to the stomach of your pet. Oftentimes, dog food also contains ingredients that your pet might be sensitive to.

If the cause of your dog’s bad breath is poor diet, the foul odor typically comes from the stomach. Digestive issues are a common cause of this. Because of this, you have to examine your dog and see if this is the case.

You should also monitor your dog because it might be eating your trash. If your dog does not have bad breath regularly, there’s a possibility that they are eating something dirty in your house.

If the cause of bad breath is digestive issues, it’s best to stick to a raw diet for your dog.

Oral Problems

One of the most common causes of bad breath for dogs is the oral problem. Most people think that their dogs can’t have oral problems because they’re still young. However, most oral issues occur from around 2 years.

The most common reason for oral issues is plaque. If your dog has oral problems, it can show signs such as eating very tentatively, not eating, swollen gums, and bad breath.

It’s a wise move to visit a professional veterinarian if you notice that your dog’s bad breath does not go away. A vet can treat oral problems using antibiotics. They might also have to get rid of several affected teeth.

Aside from that, it’s a wise move to regularly brush the teeth of your dog at home.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Dog’s Paws

Maintaining the paws of your dog is just as vital as maintaining a great oral and coat hygiene routine. Paws determine the quality of life of your pet because they can contain a lot of bacteria if you don’t take care of them.

Pampering the paws of your dog is vital since they are frequently ignored. A lot of pet owners assume the paws are tough. Unfortunately, dog paws are just as vulnerable as our feet.

Whether they’re climbing up to sit next to you, playing, or running, your pets are on their feet most of the time. That is why it is vital to make sure their paws do not become a source of irritation.

Aside from regularly hiring a pet grooming Palm Bay service, here are other tips you can follow:

Taking Care of Minor Injuries

If your dog appears to have scrapes, blisters, cuts, or any open injury, you can help by performing first-aid.

First, you’ve got to clean the wound using an antibacterial wash. After washing the affected area, you have to wrap the paw in gauze. However, before you do that, make sure you apply a bit of antibacterial lotion on the affected part.

Examine for Abnormalities

You should make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as you notice swelling or odd darkening on the pads of your dog. There are a couple of reasons why the paws of your dog swell. This includes injuries, insect bites, infections, or allergies.

Almost every paw pad swelling is painful. Thus, you need to treat it right away.

Prevent Cracking

Since the paw pads of your dog are extremely hard, they typically break and bleed when they get extremely dry. To avoid it, you can use a specialized moisturizer for your dog’s paw pad. Do not use lotions made for humans since they can be too soft for the pads of your dog.

Take a Look

This might appear obvious. However, you have to ensure you take a look at the paws of your pet from time to time. There are often splits or cracks on them that can result in infection if you don’t treat it immediately. Routine examination of your dog’s paws can help avoid these problems.

Watch Their Steps

The ground your pet walks on might look fine. However, it may end up hurting them. Thus, make sure you keep an eye on where your dog is walking. Aside from that, make sure you keep them off the sharp gravel or hot asphalt since these surfaces aren’t comfortable for their paws.

Trim the Fur and Nails

The nails and hair of your dog can grow quite fast. If this occurs, their nails can snag on things such as carpet. Aside from that, their fur can get snarled or matted.

Every single one of these things can cause discomfort to your dog. Because of this, you have to ensure you keep the nails short enough where they only touch the ground. Make sure you give your dog a regular haircut as well.

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