Real people. Useful objects. Great themes. Interesting composition. They all help to tell your story, to sell your product.

Digital Planet Design LLC is the parent of Sean Locke Photography, a commercial studio creating images that are licensed as stock photography. I have a great time coming up with interesting and fun themes for these photos, as well as working with models. I'm always on the lookout for new talent. Why not create a model portfolio to apply?

You may be visiting here because you read an article on stock photography in the August 2014 edition of Popular Photography. If so, thanks for your interest, and if not, welcome! For more information on stock photography, please visit my photo blog.

Sean Locke

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Market: Rear View Of Man With Basket Shopping For Produce
Market: Man Shops With Basket For Produce
Bite Taken Out Of Half Of Hoagie Sandwich

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